Olive Leaf & Olive Oil

Aloha! Olive Leaf is a great Antioxidant Supplement! Olive Leaf comes in a capsule and is one of the best supplements for killing free radicals in the body! In fact Olive Leaf and Olive Oil are good for you! Olive trees aren’t sprayed with pesticides because they have their own natural built in pesticide. Cooking with Olive Oil is really great for your Heart and Nervous System! Sometimes it’s a good idea to put a tablespoon of Olive Oil in the back of your throat as a medicinal remedy. Let it stay back there for a few minutes working its magic on germs in the back of your throat! Then swallow it down for the the wellness of the rest of your body. Europeans use a lot of olive oil! They eat it, use it in their hair, and use it for massage oil. Olive Oil is really great for your skin! It’s a thick nourishing oil that feeds and hydrates your skin.

Maui Massage Seashells offers Olive Oil Massage! Let us revitalize you with massage and your skin with Olive Oil!

Maui by Helicopter

Maui by Helicopter

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( After your helicopter adventure consider a relaxing couples massage with Maui Seashells.)

Probiotics. Why they are so important for your Wellness?

Probiotics are very important for maintaining your health. They provide the good intestinal flora that your gut needs to function properly. This includes the breaking down of your food, the absorption of nutrients from the food you eat, by your intestines and the proper elimination of wastes. Your guts intestinal flora is crucial for all of these and the delicate balance of your immune system. Of course you want your immune system working the best so that you don’t become ill. There are many probiotics on the market. Most of them aren’t great quality and they’re not easily absorbable. The probiotic I recommend is Renew Life Ultimate Flora 50 Billion Live cells. Keep them in your refrigerator. You want to build up on them gradually. Take 1 every few days, then eventually take one every other day. Good Health to You!

Please consult your medical doctor before starting a new health regime.

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To complete your wellness experience on Maui, we suggest a Swedish Massage to help your body detox. 

Maui Massage Modalities

Aloha Visitors & Locals! I think it’s important to write you about the different modalities of massage in Maui. You’re here in Maui now and you know you want a massage but you’re not certain what kind of massage will best suit you or suit your body. Don’t worry this is absolutely normal because most people haven’t studied massage, and most people aren’t sure what modalities of massage they’ve received in the past.

Now I’m certain that you’ve had Swedish massage, if you’ve had massage in The United States of America. The reason is because Swedish Massage is the most Universal style of massage in the World and especially in the USA. Swedish Massage is often combined with other modalities because it’s an excellent style of massage to use when the Massage Therapist’s intention is to smooth out and knead out the client’s muscle tissue. Swedish massage is done with a flat hand that glides over the body and also with kneading/grasping (grabbing) movements, like squeezing the muscles. The Effleurage of Swedish Massage is the flat handed strokes, and the Petrissage of Swedish Massage is the kneading/ grasping movements. Again Effleurage is best for smoothing out tissues of the body and Petrissage is best for getting lactic acid out of the tissues of the body by engaging the muscle tissues.

Now let’s talk about Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage and how it differs from Swedish Massage. In Swedish Massage the Massage Therapist avoids the bones and articulations. Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage goes right over the bones and articulations and the massage therapist uses their forearms, elbows and kneading strokes ( in a downward-toward the table) movement. These two styles of massage are great to mix together. I highly recommend a Swedish Lomi Lomi Massage combination for a relaxing massage experience that also works out your muscle tension.

Sports Massage engages the muscle tissue more than a Swedish Massage or Lomi Lomi Massage. It tends to be a deeper pressure but it can be done in a medium pressure. Sports Massage involves addressing the structural alignment of the body and sometimes also stretching the body, however if you don’t like to be stretched you can ask your Sports Massage Therapist to give you a Sports Massage without the stretching. Athletes tend to prefer Sports Massage because they really need their muscle tissue engaged, since they are so physically active, to help their muscles be in a structural balance. The structural balance of opposing muscle groups that Sports Massage facilitates, helps athletes perform. Sports Massage can be combined with Swedish and Lomi Lomi Massage. Combining these modalities together creates a relaxing massage thats more muscle engaging. NMT Sports Massage ( Neuro-muscular Therapy) is a massage modality that cross fiber frictions areas of the body that has scar-tissue. It is affective for helping soft tissue injury heal. The protocol is cross fiber for a few minutes only, then ice therapy, and then rest the area for a few days and repeat. NMT is the best modality for diminishing scar tissue in the tissues, tendons and ligaments ( as long as the injured area can be palpated).

Deep Tissue Massage is a modality of massage that goes deeper into the muscle tissues and addresses the fascia (Connective Tissue) of the body, which in turn helps the structural alignment of the body. Rolfing is deep tissue that is extra deep and specifically addresses the fascia of the body to improve the body’s structural alignment.

Shiatsu Massage is Japanese Massage. It addresses the meridians of the body and the structural alignment of the body. It’s pressure point massage and is characteristically deeper, yet it also relaxes the body nervous system greatly.

Hot Stone Massage is a modality of massage where heated up rocks are used to implement heat into the body’s tissues/ fascia. The heat of the rocks feels amazing and literally helps the tissue melt into a more pliable state making it easier for the massage therapist to get in to the tissues. Again any and all of the modalities listed above can be mixed together! Yay!

Also it’s very important for you tell your massage therapist what’s going on with you and your body, including medical conditions and injuries and what think you need from your Therapeutic Massage in Maui. Mahalo!

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Why is Lomi Lomi Massage so great?

Have you ever had a Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian) style Massage? Lomi Lomi Massage is an excellent massage to receive! Lomi Lomi Massage feels amazing! And Lomi Lomi Hot Stone Massage ( Lomi Pohaku) feels even better! The Hawaiians are of Polynesian decent. They created Lomi Lomi Massage. In traditional Hawaiian families there’s always one person that gives massage to their family members. There is no other massage that is similar to Lomi Lomi Massage. It’s a very specific style (modality) of massage. Lomi Lomi massage goes right over your bones and articulations (joints). The long strokes and downward needing strokes release the muscle tissues around and closest to your bones. Lomi Lomi also relaxes your body’s Nervous System the best! Making it possible for the greatest relaxation you’ll ever feel! Lomi Lomi massage is a must to try when you’re in Hawaii and especially in Maui, Hawaii. People come to Paradise to relax, unwind and relieve their stress. Lomi Lomi Massage will help you do exactly that. It will help you get back to your Best Self!

NMT Massage for your Injuries

Aloha Maui vistors and locals! Neuro-Muscular Therapy Massage (NMT) is the best style of massage to receive to heal your injuries. Injured tissue that can be palpated (touched) can have NMT massage to work out scar tissue left behind from injuries. The smallest amount of scar tissue can yield a lot of pain. It’s best to have it gradually massaged out, otherwise you’re prone to pain and further injury. Scar tissue can’t be just left alone or it becomes worse (bigger tears happen). Maui Massage Seashells-Maui Best Massage provides NMT Massage. If you’re injured it’s best to wait 72 hours (longer depending on the severity of the tissue, tendon, or ligament injury) It’s best to start using Ice on it right away ( to prevent further injury and to start the healing process. It’s also crucial that you do lots of ice application after getting NMT Massage. Please call us if you have any questions. Blessings! Michelle LMT-Owner. # Maui Massage.  # Massage Maui.  # Therapeutic Massage.  # Mobile Massage.  # Medical Massage.  # NMT Massage.  # Sports Massage.  # Deep Tissue Massage.  # Insurance Claims. # Workman’s Compensation Claims

Relaxation Tips

Aloha, Owner Michelle Hebert LMT here…Are you having trouble relaxing? Stressed out? A massage is a good idea! Also you may want to avoid caffeine, switch to herbal, non caffeinated teas. Best to buy organic teas only other wise you’re consuming lots of chemicals. Most people have caffeine sensitivity and aren’t aware of it.

Yoga/Meditation are also good. You might want to buy a book on stretching. You don’t have to join a yoga class to learn how to stretch. I recommend stretching 20 min. in the morning and 20 min. in the evening as a routine.

Tips on stretching: Stretching your hip-flexors, quads, hamstrings is very important for your low back. Combining meditation while you stretch is favorable. Mediation is about quieting the mind. Having no thoughts. Being still ( which you can do between stretches) and breathing. Being aware or your breath

Massage Therapy Kihei Maui Massage *Seashells Mobile Spa. We Travel to You!

Aloha, Maui Massage Seashells is a Kihei Massage Business that travels to your Home, Office, Vacation Rental or Resort. We are a mobile spa. We travel to you! We offer 60 minute and 80 minute massages. You can add on a sugar or salt scrub, a rosemary, lavender or coconut oil scalp rub, or aromatherapy. We also offer Hot-stone massage and reflexology. Please click on our homepage to see all available treatments. Call us for your Reserved Appointment! 

Michelle Hebert Hawaii Licensed Massage Therapist-Owner 

Benefits of Hot-Stone Massage & Shark Cartilage

Aloha!!! Michelle here for Maui Massage Seashells:
I would like to give you a Hot-Stone Massage. Hot-Stones are incorporated in with the massage and layed on. When you receive a Hot-Stone Massage you are getting a lot of massage with the benefit of the heat of the Hot-Stones: Relaxes the fascia (connective tissue) makes your tissue more pliable to receive the benefits of therapeutic massage.

Maui Massage Seashells customizes every massage.

Now about Shark Cartilage Supplement: It’s the highest form of Chondroitin you can get from a supplement. Shark Cartilage is good for your cartilage, tendons, ligaments, tissues, and joints. If you take it you’ll be amazed at how much better your body feels. I get mine from Vitamin World. They have high quality vitamins and supplements. Always consult your medical doctor for your overall health.


Why Magnesium is Important

Hi! Did you know that if you’re having chronic muscle tightness that you’re body is most likely deficient in magnesium? Most peoples body’s are deficient in Magnesium-especially as we age. One thing that causes muscle tightness is misalignment of the bones. When the bones are out of alignment they pull at your muscles, and then the muscles tend to bunch up and often times twist-causing pain. Most commonly this is called muscle knots-massage therapists often refer to this as muscle rope-i-ness. The other thing that causes unhappy muscle tissue is when toxins, lactic acid and uric acid (builds up) gets trapped in the tissues-what massage therapists call ischemic tissue. When you get massage toxins are released from your tissues-this is why it’s so important to get massage and drink plenty of water after your massage. Now the Magnesium factor: Magnesium is crucial for the releasing of the muscles. Calcium causes the muscles to contract-Magnesium causes the muscles to release. Most people think “No problem, I’ll start taking a Magnesium supplement”. Scientists are now finding that stomach acid destroys your magnesium supplement rendering it useless and that the body absorbs Magnesium best through the skin. Here’s how you do it. Buy some Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) at your local drug store, and pick up a foot tub. Fill the foot tub with hot water and dump in 1-2 cups Epsom Salt. Wait til you can stand the temperature of the water and put your feet in it. The pours are largest in the feet. The hot water opens up the pours of your feet and the Magnesium gets in your body. You will literally feel the muscle tissue of your entire body begin to relax. You cannot get too much Magnesium-your feet will absorb what you need. And don’t worry about losing muscle tone-you won’t, and because you have enough Magnesium your muscles won’t be as chronically tight. Here in Hawaii our ocean is 74% Magnesium. Taking a soak in the ocean is good for you! If you have tight muscles, get adjusted by your chiropractor, get regular massage, soak your feet in Epsom Salt and go in the ocean. Your body will thank you 🙂  MATT #7999 Always consult your Medical Doctor before starting a new health regimen.


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