Why Magnesium is Important

Hi! Did you know that if you’re having chronic muscle tightness that you’re body is most likely deficient in magnesium? Most peoples body’s are deficient in Magnesium-especially as we age. One thing that causes muscle tightness is misalignment of the bones. When the bones are out of alignment they pull at your muscles, and then the muscles tend to bunch up and often times twist-causing pain. Most commonly this is called muscle knots-massage therapists often refer to this as muscle rope-i-ness. The other thing that causes unhappy muscle tissue is when toxins, lactic acid and uric acid (builds up) gets trapped in the tissues-what massage therapists call ischemic tissue. When you get massage toxins are released from your tissues-this is why it’s so important to get massage and drink plenty of water after your massage. Now the Magnesium factor: Magnesium is crucial for the releasing of the muscles. Calcium causes the muscles to contract-Magnesium causes the muscles to release. Most people think “No problem, I’ll start taking a Magnesium supplement”. Scientists are now finding that stomach acid destroys your magnesium supplement rendering it useless and that the body absorbs Magnesium best through the skin. Here’s how you do it. Buy some Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate) at your local drug store, and pick up a foot tub. Fill the foot tub with hot water and dump in 1-2 cups Epsom Salt. Wait til you can stand the temperature of the water and put your feet in it. The pours are largest in the feet. The hot water opens up the pours of your feet and the Magnesium gets in your body. You will literally feel the muscle tissue of your entire body begin to relax. You cannot get too much Magnesium-your feet will absorb what you need. And don’t worry about losing muscle tone-you won’t, and because you have enough Magnesium your muscles won’t be as chronically tight. Here in Hawaii our ocean is 74% Magnesium. Taking a soak in the ocean is good for you! If you have tight muscles, get adjusted by your chiropractor, get regular massage, soak your feet in Epsom Salt and go in the ocean. Your body will thank you 🙂  MATT #7999 Always consult your Medical Doctor before starting a new health regimen.


All Health Starts in the Colon

Aloha! Michelle here to give you a weekly health tip. Did you know that most people have plague in their colon? Unfortunately it’s true. How it gets there is mostly from the body being exposed to heavy metals-from car exhaust, handling newspapers, lots of other forms of pollution in the air. The problem with having heavy metals and plague in the colon is your colon has become an unhealthy environment-this means that Candida can grow out of control and your colon is more susceptible to parasites. Also tiny microscopic holes form in your colon and undigested food goes through the holes and literally leaks into your blood-stream. When this happens it’s like poison going into your blood-stream and symptoms of pain and inflammation happen in your body. The condition is called leaky-gut syndrome. What also happens is your food doesn’t properly digest and your intestines don’t properly absorb vital nutrients from the food you eat. If this goes on for very long you literally become nutritionally starved and then a condition called Chrohn’s  Disease can happen. Now I didn’t write this to scare you, but to help educate you about how important it is to get that plague out of your colon. I don’t believe colonics-where the plague is sucked out, is effective or natural. There is a cleanse I have done and many people I know have done called the Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse. It’s an Herbal Cleanse that works. The herbs literally attach to the plague and it comes out. Go to Blessed Herbs.com for the health of you colon. 🙂 And please feel free to call me anytime for helpful suggestions when you’re getting ready to do the cleanse. Blessings… and Great Health! MATT #7999 Always consult your Medical Doctor before starting a new health regimen.


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