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Aloha! Maui Massage Seashells provides Medical Massage! We are here to help you heal! Medical Massage is Therapeutic Massage. It will greatly help you heal after a car accident, sport injury, work injury, and after your operation.

We know how to align your muscles & fascia (address your body’s structural alignment), how to work out your scar-tissue (correct it and get it to heal) and how to fix your tendonitis, ligament-itis, and fascitis. We know how to align your hips, your shoulder girdle, your low back etc.

We’re also experienced at working on difficult injuries like bulging discs, bad strain/sprains, injuries from a fall, sport injuries, many other kinds of injuries, surgeries and even serious surgeries. We also design a stretching and care plan for you! If you’ve been injured in Maui, we are here to help facilitate your “Healing in Paradise!”

If you’re visiting Maui, we are here to facilitate your “Healing in Paradise!” We travel to you for your convenience in Maui, Hawaii! You don’t have to leave the comfort of your vacation rental or home!

You won’t have to do anything after your medical massage except rest & apply ice. If you’d like your insurance to pay for your Medical Massage in Maui, we can provide you a stamped receipt so that you can get reimbursed by your insurance carrier.

We do Workman’s Compensation Cases ( injured on the job) and Car Accident Cases. We will bill your Insurance for Workman’s Compensation Cases & Car Accident Cases. Please call us about our Massage Therapy Services for the Wellness of your body! You’ve only got one body to live in, so it’s best to take care of it!

We wish you happiness & health! Blessings & Aloha! Maui Massage Seashells-Maui Best Massage. 808-276-6329

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Blessings! Medical Massage Maui-Michelle Hebert LMT-Owner

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