Maui Out-call Massage

Maui Out-Call Massage

If you would prefer a massage at your location instead of coming to us we offer outcall massage services on Maui.

We’re Licensed Massage Therapists. We provide amazing massage. Hawaii requires specific education, hours completed and passing a State Board Exam for a License to do Massage in Hawaii. Maui also has some of the Best Massage Teacher’s in the World. The reason is everybody loves Maui and wants to live here, even the Massage Teachers!

We Travel to You for your Convenience! You can book for one person, a Couple, 2 Couples or your group! Yes we accommodate groups! We arrive with our table(s) & supplies at your door! We take 3 minutes to set up, and then assess your body with the information you’ve given us, ( your trouble areas, painful areas, past injuries, fatigue, health conditions, what you need from the massage) and then we Customize your Massage!

Some people want Relaxation Massage, others want Therapeutic Massage, many want a combination of the two, and several people want Medical Massage. We provide Expertise with Spa Massage, Spa Treatments, Therapeutic Massage, Medical Massage and even Hot Stone Massage and Thai Herbal Ball Massage. We encourage you to give us feedback about the massage you are seeking.

Our Therapeutic Massage Business will provide you with the Massage you want. You can even ask for a massage that just focuses on your back & neck if you like! We bring our Medical Massage to you! We also do Sugar & Salt Scrubs, Scalp Rubs with Aromatherapy & Hot Stone Massage!

We offer 60 minute, 75 minutes, 90 minutes & 2 hour Massages. It’s often nice to have a longer massage session, even adding on 15 or 20 minutes gives your massage therapist a lot more time to work their magic! Please look over our prices page to see your Custom Massage options.

The greatest thing about hiring a Mobile Massage business is that you don’t have to travel after! You get to lounge, rest & relax after your massage! Call us for your Massage in Maui! We’d love to work on you!

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