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Ecoledeformationenmassage_zps1b009a0dWe are Sports Massage Therapists in Maui. Many people think Sports Massage in Maui is only suited for Athletes. You don’t have to be an Athlete to receive a Sports Massage in Maui.

Sports Massage has become a very popular massage modality. It can be received by anyone. It’s an excellent modality for people that play Sports, active people, and pretty much everyone!

Sports Massage is often used in Medical Massage. We provide NMT Sports Massage for healing your soft tissue injuries.Many Athletes receive Sports Massage because Sports Massage is best suited for the structural alignment of their bodies and for injury recovery.

Maui Massage Seashells also provides ‘The Best Medical Massage in Maui.’

Athletes tend to receive sports massage for a variety of reasons: Athletes intensively train their bodies for their sport. When they do, certain muscle groups tend to hypertrophy more than others, this often causes changes in strength patterns, connective tissue formation, and compensation patterns for the rest of the body, and therefore affects their Body’s Structural Alignment.

Athletes are more prone to soft tissue tissue injuries because of these factors. It is important for an athlete to receive sports massage from a well trained Sports Massage Therapist. If the athlete decides to receive a massage treatment before a competition or sport event, it’s best for them to do it at least 2 days before the competition or sport event.

If the athlete is injured, it’s best for them to wait at least 3-10 days before getting a massage to address the injury. This of course depends on the severity of the injury. The athlete should always be under the care of a medical doctor and take the advice of their medical doctor, including a “go ahead” to get massage.

Please discontinue activity, and ice your injury continuously, to begin the healing process and prevent further injury from occurring.

In Maui Sports massage is available for Athletes of X-terra, Iron-man, and the many Triathlons that occur every year in Maui. Sports massage is available in Maui for amateur and professional athletes no matter what sport you’re doing, even if you’re just working out.

Most everybody has had a soft tissue injury, imbalance in structural alignment, ligament, tendon, tissue strain or sprain, muscle tension or muscle fatigue, but hopefully not all of the above ha ha! Sports Massage is suited for all of these physical issues. Sports Massage Relieves your Pain!

Michelle Hebert LMT-Owner Specializes in NMT Sports Massage. Sports Massage can be combined with Shiatsu, Thai, Lomi Lomi, or Swedish Massage. Neuro-muscular Therapy is a specialized type of Sports Massage.

This style of Sports massage addresses scar tissue (adhesions) that have formed in the body. Tiny micro-tears of the tissues of the body form into scar tissue. Scar tissue decreases circulation and structural alignment, and causes pain. Scar tissue blocks blood from getting to your tissues. Blood oxygenates our tissues.

Your Massage Therapist gradually works out your scar tissue over 3 or 4 massage sessions. You must apply ice after each session, until your tissue goes numb. Be careful not to leave the ice in one area for too long, or you can burn yourself with the ice.

It is important to have massage therapy on scar tissue in the body, because if it isn’t addressed the present amount of scar tissue will increase over time and cause more pain. Plus that left alone scar tissue is more prone to tear again, causing more injury.

NMT Sports Massage in Maui Relieves your Pain! Maui Massage Seashells-Maui Best Massage provides Sports Massage and Neuro-muscular Therapy Sports Massage. Call to Reserve your Sports Massage appointment. 808-276-6329   

Sports Massage Maui  
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