Relaxation Massage Maui


Relaxation Massage is just what the doctor ordered for your Vacation or Honeymoon! Our Relaxation Massage is a light to medium pressure. Please tell your Massage Therapist what pressure best suits you. Whether you’re on Vacation or your Honeymoon, you should consider getting a Relaxation Massage! What better way to get really relaxed during your stay in Maui? Having a relaxing massage, taking a long nap, getting some sun, and spending some time in the ocean will do you wonders!

Maui is the best place in the World to relax! You could get a massage during the first part of your stay and then get another massage at the end of your stay. Why not? Massage modalities for relaxation massage include: Swedish, Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian), Temple Lomi, Lymphatic Drainage, and Kamir (Cambodian) massage. You may choose your modalities and combine them if you wish.

We Customize Every Massage! Your Licensed massage therapist will ask you about your tension, pain and past injuries to create the perfect massage for you! You can add on a coconut scalp massage, aromatherapy or a sugar body scrub if you wish. Why not nurture yourself? Relaxation massages are 60 minute massages for groups of 4 or more, 75 minutes, 90 minutes, or 2 hours. Add-ons are in the overall duration of time.

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