Thai Massage Maui

What is Thai Massage Maui?

Thai massage in Maui! Thai Massage is also referred to as Thai Yoga Massage. Many Traditional Thai Massage Practitioners have the saying  “ Thai Massage is the art of giving with two hands and the heart.”  Thai Massage is a Traditional Healing Modality that combines Acupressure and Assisted Yoga Postures (assisted stretches).

The purpose of Thai Massage is to help the Body Systems function better, for overall wellness of the body. The meridian lines on the body for this modality are called Shen-lines. Shen-lines are energy lines. The Thai Massage Practitioner is helping to unblock the patient’s energy lines. Just as in Shiatsu Massage, the Thai Massage Bodyworker has an intention of unblocking the energy channels (shen-lines) of the patient. 

The Blockage Theory in Thai Massage “Sen Lib” (life force pathway) is applied in healing of body and mind. Thai Massage Elders indicate that the blockages occur in the pathway of the life force (Prana) and may cause all kinds of illnesses.  The blockages show in the physical form as knots along the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Removal of the blockages takes place in the healing process from receiving Thai Massage.  

Traditional Thai Massage uses no oils or lotion, however Thai Massage can be done through a sarong or sheet and combined with oil massage (a modality of your choosing) if you prefer. You must let your massage therapist know. 

Thai Massage, as I said before is considered as an art of yoga. The true meaning of yoga is the “Union of the individual soul with Spirit.” Quoted by Yogananda. Thai Massage can be considered a union as the giver massages to the point of the giver and the receiver become “one” with each other. This state of being happens when the giver massages with a serene, calm mind and concentration of a unison of the breath with the receiver. Often times the Thai Massage Practitioner goes into a state of meditation while massaging. The receiver is immersed in peace and serenity and feels energized after the completion of their Thai Massage. 

“ The Thai way of life and methods of healing are intertwined with Buddhism and a sense of Spirituality.” From the book Thai Massage the Thai Way-Healing Body and Mind.  

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