Herbal Medicine & Essential Oils for Wellness

Aloha! Have you been keeping yourself well with Herbal Supplements, Essential Oils, Vitamin C, Garlic and High Quality, Easily Absorbable Probiotics? I’m here to tell you that if you create a regular regimen of supplements then you will remain well and not get the Coronavirus. Of course the quarantine’s and social distancing has been necessary during this crisis, but we all know that life has to continue and that means getting things back to normal.

How will you be sure not to get it? Of course wash your hands often. Use 99.9% germ killing hand sanitizer ( even on your car steering wheel) and don’t touch your face. If you hear someone not far from you coughing or sneezing, literally run the other way. Hey we can’t live in paranoia or fear but we can take preventive measures and that also includes supplements and probiotics to make your immune system’s stronger!

We need our immune system’s strong to be able too fight off these new, complex viruses in the World today. Herbs I suggest in supplement form that kill virus are Oregano Leaf, Olive Leaf, Holy Basil. Vitamin C daily in high doses 4,000mgs to 6,000mgs. Elderberry is excellent for killing virus and preventing virus. The best product, with the highest milligrams is called Dr. Dunner’s Elderberry Syrup. You can find it online on Amazon.

The herbs I mentioned above can be found on Swanson’s Supplements online. Swanson’s has high quality supplements for a fraction of the cost and they offer free shipping. Shipping to Hawaii only costs $5. The Probiotics I recommend are called Renew Life on Amazon. These probiotics are easily absorbable and #1 Rated. Keep them in your refrigerator and take them at bedtime. There are 50 Billion live cells & 200 Billion live cells of this product.

I recommend getting both, so after you’ve taken the 50 Billion live cells for awhile then you can dabble with the 200 Billion live cells, but caution when you do don’t take the entire packet, just sprinkle some on your yogurt. The thing to know about probiotics folks is that you always need more of them and many different kinds of strains, so just eating yogurt all by it self isn’t nearly enough strains. Now about Essential Oils. The Best Essential Oils on the market you can get are Young Living Essential Oils. Please see my Essential Oils Page.

I recommend having a straight oil ( no water) diffuser for emergency’s like if you got a virus and it’s attacking your lungs. You can diffuse the oils and breath them into your lungs. That’s how I survived the H1N1. I also eat lavender oil sometimes, but only Young Living Lavender Oil because it’s pure. I hold it in the back of my throat and then gargle it and then swallow it down. Although lot of products say they are 100% pure oil ( one’s you find in health food stores etc.)

They aren’t 100% pure. They can say they are because the FDA doesn’t regulate essential oils and other products enough. Please consult your Medical Doctor and Naturopath Doctor before starting a new regime. Every person has a unique body, and of course some people have compromised immune system’s. Garlic is great for your heart and it kills virus and bacteria.

The only thing about garlic is that is also kills some of your good intestinal flora, so a must to take probiotics if you’re consuming garlic. Questions? Call me anytime. We will be open soon as we are a Mobile Massage Business ( We travel to you). Michelle LMT-Owner 808-276-6329 Blessings!

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