Olive Leaf & Olive Oil

Aloha! Olive Leaf is a great Antioxidant Supplement! Olive Leaf comes in a capsule and is one of the best supplements for killing free radicals in the body! In fact Olive Leaf and Olive Oil are good for you! Olive trees aren’t sprayed with pesticides because they have their own natural built in pesticide. Cooking with Olive Oil is really great for your Heart and Nervous System! Sometimes it’s a good idea to put a tablespoon of Olive Oil in the back of your throat as a medicinal remedy. Let it stay back there for a few minutes working its magic on germs in the back of your throat! Then swallow it down for the the wellness of the rest of your body. Europeans use a lot of olive oil! They eat it, use it in their hair, and use it for massage oil. Olive Oil is really great for your skin! It’s a thick nourishing oil that feeds and hydrates your skin.

Maui Massage Seashells offers Olive Oil Massage! Let us revitalize you with massage and your skin with Olive Oil!

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