NMT Massage for your Injuries

Aloha Maui vistors and locals! Neuro-Muscular Therapy Massage (NMT) is the best style of massage to receive to heal your injuries. Injured tissue that can be palpated (touched) can have NMT massage to work out scar tissue left behind from injuries. The smallest amount of scar tissue can yield a lot of pain. It’s best to have it gradually massaged out, otherwise you’re prone to pain and further injury. Scar tissue can’t be just left alone or it becomes worse (bigger tears happen). Maui Massage Seashells-Maui Best Massage provides NMT Massage. If you’re injured it’s best to wait 72 hours (longer depending on the severity of the tissue, tendon, or ligament injury) It’s best to start using Ice on it right away ( to prevent further injury and to start the healing process. It’s also crucial that you do lots of ice application after getting NMT Massage. Please call us if you have any questions. Blessings!  # Maui Massage.  # Massage Maui.  # Therapeutic Massage.  # Mobile Massage.  # Medical Massage.  # NMT Massage.  # Sports Massage.  # Deep Tissue Massage.  # Insurance Claims. # Workman’s Compensation Claims

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