Relaxation Tips

Aloha, Owner Michelle Hebert LMT here…Are you having trouble relaxing? Stressed out? A massage is a good idea! Also you may want to avoid caffeine, switch to herbal, non caffeinated teas. Best to buy organic teas only other wise you’re consuming lots of chemicals. Most people have caffeine sensitivity and aren’t aware of it.

Yoga/Meditation are also good. You might want to buy a book on stretching. You don’t have to join a yoga class to learn how to stretch. I recommend stretching 20 min. in the morning and 20 min. in the evening as a routine.

Tips on stretching: Stretching your hip-flexors, quads, hamstrings is very important for your low back. Combining meditation while you stretch is favorable. Mediation is about quieting the mind. Having no thoughts. Being still ( which you can do between stretches) and breathing. Being aware or your breath

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