Probiotics. Why they are so important for your Wellness?

Probiotics are very important for maintaining your health. They provide the good intestinal flora that your gut needs to function properly. This includes the breaking down of your food, the absorption of nutrients from the food you eat, by your intestines and the proper elimination of wastes. Your guts intestinal flora is crucial for all of these and the delicate balance of your immune system. Of course you want your immune system working the best so that you don’t become ill. There are many probiotics on the market. Most of them aren’t great quality and they’re not easily absorbable. The probiotic I recommend is Renew Life Ultimate Flora 50 Billion Live cells. Keep them in your refrigerator. You want to build up on them gradually. Take 1 every few days, then eventually take one every other day. Good Health to You!

Please consult your medical doctor before starting a new health regime.

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To complete your wellness experience on Maui, we suggest a Swedish Massage to help your body detox.

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